live human suspension - available at most shows!

Professional Suspension and body piercings offered by: 

Rexx Body Modification / Tooth & Nail Tattoo

- Must be 18+ to Suspend

- Cost starts at $125 & you keep your hooks

We recommend booking your spot in advance, day of is first come first serve.

Contact Rexx Body Modification to book in your city:


Le Strange Sideshow:  11:30-12:00 | 1:00-1:30 | 2:45-3:15 

Dan Block:   11:00-11:20 | 12:45-12:55 | 1:45-1:55 | 3:25-3:45 

Spookshow Illusionist Andrew DeRuiter:   VIP SET! 10:25-10:45 | 12:15-12:35 | 2:00-2:20

Harley Pickens - Contortionist:  VIP SET!  10:50-11:00 | 1:35-1:45 | 2:30-2:40 



  Le Strange Sideshow... San Antonio's ONLY Sideshow Troupe! 



Introducing Dan Block... Part sideshow, part stand-up, all shocking!


   Spookshow illusionist, Andrew DeRuiter started training in illusions at the age of 8, and his natural curiosity drove him toward the field of esoteric magic and spirits. At the age of 35, he branched into the world of haunted houses, and has created illusions and haunted scenes for several haunts across the USA.  This, of course, even furthered his knowledge of a world in which ghosts, strange happenings, and various ethereal beings reside. Andrew’s passion lies in creating a mystical and wondrous experience for everyone that he entertains by combining illusions so old that many have lost track of them with the latest finding in the world of spookshow magic.

Andrew has spent over 30 years as a magician, illusion manufacturer, professional haunted attraction designer, and builder. An author of idea books for both home and professional haunters entitled Andrew’s Black Books, he has inspired and advised many set designers and haunt owners, as well as the trilogy Concepts, Ideas, & Dreams: Concepts & Illusion Designs.  He has never lost the desire, not only to entertain with his knowledge, but also to share that knowledge with people with a thirst for exploring the unexplained. 


 Harley Pickens is an 11 year old contortionist from Oklahoma, in the 6th grade. She attends Lone Star Circus School, where she practices the Lyra, and furthers her contortion abilities. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, and playing with her animals. She dreams of one day performing at Coney Island 



Martika Daniels:  11:30-12:00pm | 1:30-2:00pm | 3:30-4:00pm 

Satania of the UltraViolets:  12:30-12:40pm | 2:30-2:40pm

Erika of the UltraViolets: Set Times TBA



 Martika Daniels graces the audience with her witty humor and playful charm. Don't let this fool you...She is a one woman stunt show that takes the audience on a journey through some of her death defying adventures. Martika entertains with escape stunts, barbed wire hula hooping, swallowing swords and more! Martika is also known for her motivational speaking, and finds a way to incorporate informative and uplifting messages into her performances.  Show is family friendly with crowd interaction in mind. Her distinctively spectacular show will make the audience laugh and leave them asking...HOW DID SHE DO THAT!? I want to see more!