Entertainment at the Oddities & Curiosities Expo

Photo: Kyle Wood
Captain Burton's Sideshow 
Photo: Cory Walkingstick

Interested in performing at The Oddities & Curiosities Expo?

Fill out the Performer Application below:

For any questions, contact our Entertainment Manager at: trashtalkbooking@gmail.com 

- Live Human Suspension -

Available at MOST shows in 2020.

(Not available in Indianapolis, IN or Oklahoma City, OK)

Professional Suspension and Body Piercing offered at 

The Oddities & Curiosities Expo across the country by:

Rexx Body Modification / Tooth & Nail Tattoo

- Must be 18+ to Suspend

- Cost starts at $125 

We recommend booking your spot in advance, day of is first come first serve.

Parental Discretion Advised. 

Contact Rexx Body Modification via Facebook/Instagram  to book your spot:



- Martika Daniels / One Woman Stunt Show! -

 Martika graces the audience with her witty humor and playful charm. Don't let this fool you...She is a one woman stunt show that takes the audience on a journey through some of her death defying adventures. Martika entertains with escape stunts, animal traps, human cutting board, barbed wire hula hooping, swallowing swords and more! Martika is also known for her motivational speaking. She always finds a way to incorporate informative and uplifting messages into her performances. No matter how terrifying a goal maybe it is achievable. Show is family friendly with crowd interaction in mind. Her distinctively spectacular show will make the audience laugh and leave them asking...HOW DID SHE DO THAT!? I want to see more! 


 10:30-11:00 VIP SET!

12:00-12:30 | 1:30-2:00 | 3:00-3:30  


Website: https://www.martikamd.com/

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/martikamd

Instagram: @m.martika.d

- The Captain's Sideshow -

 The Captains Sideshow has been together and performing for 11 years. Although we've grown and shrank through the years, we've always remained the same core cast til the end! With The Captain having taken a step back after 11 years at the shirtless helm, he reluctantly passed Cake and Cooter the proverbial reigns and are taking the show forward and upward into the future. Although he does make the rare appearances when he is available! You can always expect the same old high paced, well dressed, show you've come to expect from The Captains Sideshow plus so many new and exciting things! 


 11:15-11:45 | 12:45-1:15 | 2:15-2:45 | 3:45-4:15  

Website: captainssideshow.com 

Facebook: Facebook.com/thecaptainssideshow

Instagram: @captainssideshow

- Finnegan's Circus -

 A three man comedy circus troupe specializing in classic American circus-sideshow entertainment, this elite trio, headed by Doctor Finnegan, is a world renown performance troupe featuring the amazing talents of Chip Rascal and The Reverand Sean Theroux.

With a modern twist on classic circus theater performances such as Sword Swallowing, Bed of Nails and Human Blockhead, Doctor Finnegan’s Circus has been entertaining crowds from Boston to Austin and all around the world for close to a decade.

Dr. Finnegan’s Circus has performed at the famed Webster Hall in New York City, the Galway International Arts Festival, performances on the Las Vegas Strip as well as private functions for Gillette Stadium, Coney Island Beer Festival, the Biltmore Hotel in Providence as well as featured on “America’s Got Talent” and many more. 


 10:30-10:45 VIP SET!

12:15-12:45 | 2:00-2:30 |3:45-4:15 | 4:30-5:00

Website:  finneganscircus.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/finneganscircus

Instagram: @FinnegansCircus

- Bryan Lambe -

 Bryan Lambe has been described as a cacophony of magic, comedy, and general stuff no one needs to know about. Bryan has devoted many years to learning the most useful and useless skills anyone could possibly imagine. He is here to show you what some people will do to keep from working for a living. 


 11:15-11:30 | 1:00-1:15 | 2:45-3:00  

Facebook:  Facebook.com/entertainerbryanlambee/

Instagram: @magicofbryanlambe

- Jordan Jones -

 Jordan Jonas is a magician and mentalist from Albuquerque NM. His brand of magic falls more on the "bizarre" end of the spectrum rooted from his fascination with the occult and all things macabre. From close up magic with playing cards to being able to divine names of close friends or family members, Jordan will make you re access your assumptions of typical magicians.  


 11:45-12:00 | 1:30-1:45 | 3:15-3:30

 Instagram: @jordanjonas13