- Frequently Asked Questions -

Does the event accept cash & card?

At the door we accept cash and card. Most vendors accept both cash and card transactions as well. There may be a few vendors  that only accept cash, but in this situation we will always have ATM's available on site. 

** PLEASE NOTE: We recommend only buying direct from our ticketing and not through anyone selling via Facebook. Lots of scammers out there!

Does the O&C Expo need volunteers?

Though we truly appreciate how much interest we get regarding volunteer work, we do not need volunteers at our shows. We have an awesome staff at each show making sure everything is running smoothly. 

How can I apply to become a vendor?

Visit our "Events" tab for applications. If you are interested in vending more than one city, please use our "Multi-City" application. If you are interested in only vending one city, please use the "Single City" application per city.  

How long does it take to hear back on my application?

We're constantly working through applications, so at a maximum please give us at least 7 days before reaching out again. You should hear back from us whether you are accepted or denied.

When filling out the application, make sure you enter your contact email correctly! Otherwise we cannot reach out to you.

Help! I ordered a ticket but cant find it/lost!

If you have ordered a ticket online and cannot find it in your email - go to: givebacktickets.com/support > "Can't find my tickets" and enter your info.  The tickets will be resent to your email immediately. 

Can I buy tickets at the door day of?

YES! The event will not sell out as we have people coming and going all throughout the day. You CAN buy tickets day of (cash or credit) at the door. The perk to buying in advance is being able to skip the line. 

Is the Oddities & Curiosities Expo kid friendly?

We are an all ages event! Families come and enjoy their day with us all the time. But, it depends on the child and if they get frightened easily. We normally say, "Parental Discretion Advised". 

Can I avoid the Suspension area?

Yes - we always put the Suspension area in a back corner. It can be avoided but it is still in the main room. Upon arriving, you will always get a vendor map that will show the layout of the room. 

Can I come to the event in costume?

YES! Please do! We love when our awesome attendees show up in costume. 

Can I get a refund?

We do not process refunds for tickets purchased. You can however sell your ticket to another person! All they need is the barcode on the ticket.

What does the VIP ticket get me?

VIP includes: 1 hour early access to skip the crowds, a free can of Liquid Death Mountain Water, a free t-shirt and sticker packet from The Alley, a special stage performance and a 10% off all O&C Expo Merchandise from 10am-11am.

Visit our "Tickets" tab for information on all ticket options!

Help! I haven't received my online merch order!

If you have not received your online merch order after 7 business days, please email us at: odditiesandcuriositiesexpo@gmail(dot)com

Are strollers, wheelchairs large bags, and animals allowed in the venue?

Strollers: Yes!

Wheelchairs: Yes, always. Each venue is ADA compliant. We do NOT provide wheelchairs. Its best to contact the venue to check if they offer wheelchair rentals.

Large bags: Yes, but they are subject to search before entering.

Animals: Service animals only.

- O&C Expo Bat Ban 2020-

You will no longer see the presence of  bats at the Oddities & Curiosities Expo.  In this day and age, Indonesian bats are being killed at alarming rates for the sake of art/collecting, etc. As we began to notice the increased popularity in bats, we started to do some extensive research on the topic and as we dug deeper and deeper, we grew more and more upset by the reality that is buying/selling Indonesian bats. We work hard to ensure our vendors are buying through sustainable sources, but the sad and unfortunate truth is that many (Indonesian) bats are no longer sustainably sourced - legally imported or not. Many people were completely unaware of this growing issue and all we can do now is educate those unaware and continue to make improvements and changes over time. Not all bats sold are Indonesian and sourced this way, but we found it best to remove bats completely from our show, starting in 2020.

We hope you all understand why we are making this stance. The bat mounts, shadow boxes and art  that you may already own are amazing pieces and truly memorialize these beautiful and interesting creatures. Many people (buyers and sellers alike) had no idea of the issues revolving around this topic. We wish it wasn’t this way, but at this point we no longer want to contribute. So, because of these facts you will no longer be able to purchase real bats at our shows.