• * * Frequently Asked Questions * *

    What kind of vendors will I see?

    Our event showcases vendors with all things weird. We have vendors with items such as: Taxidermy, wet specimens, bones, jewelry made from animal bones/insects, creepy/unusual original artwork, vintage curiosities, odd antiques and all around strange and bizarre items. Around Halloween we have a few Halloween inspired vendors as well! ALL ITEMS ARE ETHICALLY SOURCED.

    We attract serious Oddities collectors along with just anyone who likes weird stuff. There is something for everyone - so dont worry if you dont like dead things in jars, you're sure to find something you'll love! 

    EW!! Did they kill the animals to make that?!?!

    NO WAY!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT! All of our vendors have acquired their specimens/bones through ethical routes. This is required to be apart of our event! ALL animals have unfortunately died from natural causes and would have otherwise been discarded. Our vendors gather their remains and make them beautiful again in all kinds of different ways. 

    Entertainment during the event?

    Oh yeah! We book local sideshow acts to perform throughout the day at each event. This is included in your entry fee! Make sure to check out the event page for an entertainment schedule closer to the event date.

    What does buying my tickets online get me?

    Buying your tickets in advance will get you expedited entry. Look for the "Ticket Holders" sign to bypass the line of those buying day of.

    ***IF ONLINE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT** You CAN still buy day of. We are a highly anticipated event, so come ready for a short wait to pay with cash/credit. We do not "sell out" day of because we constantly have people coming and doing throughout the day. 

    How long does it take to hear back on my application?

    We're just a 2 person show, believe it or not! We're constantly working through applications, so at a maximum please give us at least 7 days before reaching out again.

    When filling out the application, make sure you enter your contact email correctly! Otherwise we cannot reach out to you. (You would'nt believe how many applications have misspelled emails!!!)

    For any other questions - email us! odditiesandcuriositiesexpo@gmail.com